Saturday, October 16, 2010


First thing to shout out loud here ---------->>>>> "SIU" is now OFFICIALLY graduated!!!!! Talking about graduation, one thing never be missed is to throw the mortarboard up high high la.... so "SIU" would never “捡输“ LOL.....

Due to that our group not only got quantity, quality also registered under SIU 00000001: 2010 eh...... hence, wherever and whenever we are the always spotted by the camera like those superstars through the redcarpet... 灯光闪闪 *wink wink*........

Thanks to these few volunteer semi-pro photographer, we got couple of nice pic as mmmmmemoryyyyyyyy (T.T).......

With 4 years of effort and then with this holly baseball bat-liked thingy
we are now recognized as degree graduates of Food Science and Nutrition / Technology from SSMP, UMS year 2010 on the date of 10.10.10.

Now that we are graduated, started our working life apart.... we might be less in contact... but certainly in each of our hearts, we still wish that the bonding between us could be endless and SIU SEMANGAT will be with us AAAAAaaaaaalwaysssssssssss........

Friday, January 29, 2010

Awesome lantern night 2009

The last tanglung night 2009 with SIU-s. Each one of us contributed a dish on that night.
I (Cheryl) cooked curry chicken, Kean Kee fried Bee hon, Lee kean made her special homemade leong fun, and others girls had their own responsible fried nuggets and french fries.
The dinner
Everyone so trilled with their own lantern

Girls love lantern :)
Ahyi lim with his AWESOME hamtan chiuyan lantern

Aunty jazz with her lantern
Kemei and Swei 's lantern kena blow by some feller, they had to relight it
These two girls were actually holding hand phones
Buzz the Kingfisher Garden with laughter

Conteng by Cheryl-29 Jan 2010

SIU group 1st trip to Genting

Time goes by fast. and people go in and out of your life so quickly, so you should never miss
the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.And i am here telling my SIU group members how much i treasure our friendship and it will definitely flows by forever.
21.5.2008 was a day worth for remembrance. It was SIU group 1st trip to Genting.

We gathered at KL Sentral early in the morning to catch the early train.

Here we were, after checked in First World Hotel. Ready to explore and have fun!
A bunch of peoples, who were acting funny :)

It was weird, we still managed to poss > SSMP !

Hungry and makan time...the food was sucks...

Modeling with the bus failed =.=
Naughty Tong Tong acting...Two future Malaysia funny model
Ask him what was he doing

Hear no words
Tong Tong always had his own funny expression, plus Jazz. Best combo!

The sweet couple, swen, marcus, swei, kean kee
Everyone looks so tired...packed up our mood get ready to go home

Conteng by Cheryl SIU-29 Jan 2010