Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yeah..Finally the 7th sem has ended. Our Exam was over!!!
Hurray!! just a moment of relief !! Go buddies...lets enjoy a few days before beginning the hectic lab work again..

Happy Holidays!!


Friday, November 13, 2009

A tip on how u not being left out

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here am I again to kindly remind and provide you guys the steps to ensure you all still keep yourself active in this blog.

Please follow the instructions below,

1. Key in the username = siu4ever08@gmail.com and password (ask from me)
2. If you guys intend to drop some comments for the posts, please sign in with your own google account before doing so. If you do not have it, please do make one or else you will never have a chance to leave comment here.
3. If you guys really have no idea how to do so then just drop messages in the chatbox. I will tell you step by step.
4. The blog is opened for all our members to post any stuffs here. So, just keep it active ya.

I will delete this post once you guys have the idea how to use it. Thanks.
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

THe vErY LaSt sSmP @iM Nit3

Here we go again with our last AIM NIGHT for 4 years course..The day we spent plenty of time in dressing and making up just for the snapping picture purposes...With the venue in Rasa Ria Shangri La, we expect a very nice view for us to take pictures. But end up a 'so so' only view with lousy foods. The foods were damn sucky man.....ishhh...

mmm..let's go for our photos .......
The SIU group photo first...hhahahha...dun know tong siu to where ady...

The Blackies ....
The very kay marcus and guanyi...sien...took off their black jackets wor...
Snapped b4 starting...
The guys at the same house WITHOUT MARCUS....
The happy family photo of whole ssmp 4th year...
The girlssss....kemei sat till so straight to be the center of focus...hahhaha..
The very random post...only can be seen at our house...
Our last group picture b4 heading to ICE BAR....

Last but not least....the picture of the day....comes to.......


SEE....damn sweet right!!!!hahahhaha...terfikir LEE HOM gua....

HAHHAHAHA...ALL the Best in future...
CHeers ....

Written by: --Ken@siussmp---

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little stepout from exam stress

Lalalalala... my first post... just a simple one which include every siu group member pic lo... back ground pic from my fren... one thing i gotta tell hor... when i adjusting the pic size kan... i found out hor... marcus and swen's the hardest to fix one... probably due to the huge difference size of surface area of they both... one too small... one too big.... and kan... i found marcus and swen pic very easy to find... ken and yan eh couple pic very rare le... and one thing i wan to put special remarks...... tat is lk and I eh face kan... just same size with u all here...lol


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The days we stick together

Let me bring out the memories of u all....

This was the trip to Cameron which we had a wonderful trip but too bad we caught in rain for these 2 days. This is the picture which was taken on the last min b4 we goin back..
Let me recall all ur memory...Remember the DISASTROUS JAMMING ...which almost all of us suffering from bladder 'full tank'!!hahahhaha....
A day to remember...our bro ahyi's birthday which was held at Atmosphere..Cheers..That was the oni time we were there in a group..CHEERS!!!
HAHHAHHA...Kiansom waterfall...stupid posture...the water there is damn cold..the thing i remembered was marcus teased san for the cramping legs...so funny..still have the video with me...
Pictures we took b4 getting wet...spot who are the one siu....tong was the camera man..let me tell la...is our beloved tlk and sw la...big face 2ppl group...

Wakakaka..this one really ancient ago...with ml still with us...and psan still with her spec..hahahha...the day we had our very good home cooked meal..at my old house...
This was the 2008 sw's birthday party..i wonder izit with kemei n cheryl as well..hhahahha..cant really remember d..i just remember the tomyum steamboat..with big prawns.the big prawn we bought not fresh d...kena kay...ishhh...but anyway..it was a nice event too..which ended up with 'killer game' again...hahahha...
Here are the guys...see...ahyi center parking...wakakkak..tong2 still chubby face...
---Mamutik Island Trip----
The one n oni one trip we went together as a group. We overnite in the camp and heard some weird sounds at the middle of the nite....creepy....!!
The guys...with ah cipong still with us...huh...why he was there with us dy?cant remember d...hahahha...oh ya...i remember the incident ----Gajah~~Gajah~~----
Our AIM nite 2008...Group picture!!It recalls ahyi's pai ka days...so pity...pai ka still wan go AIM nite...

Cheers buddies....!!!
---Written by: Ken@SSMP----

Nua Nua 3 ppl group

Here comes the 3guys at NuaNua House!!
Wonder why we covered our face rite?get caught!!!actually there was a space for dat camera man (TOng)...
Spot ahyi...he no changed pose..probably slept dy...hahahhaha...

*this is matt's mattress actually...can squeeze 4 of us(plus tong)...

Cheers day up!!!lolx....


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mission Accomplished @ finish cleaning

Few days after few of us back from west msia but we yet to clean up the living room. You guys wana know the reason behind? ya..we wun let guanyi escape from this task. So we waited till he finally nua back from penang with his ak am then only began our cleaning process.
The front door there was clean at that moment coz no shoes at that place..
Clean and shinny... Thanks to everyone..
The situation was so funny coz tong mopped the floor from outside towards the kitchen area but at the same time yan cleaned up the kitchen as well. Therefore we have no place to step on since our feet are extremely dirty. If we tried to step on the wet floor, tong will notice our nice footprints. So we have to squeeze into the tiny toilet to wash up our feet before stepping out.
See nua yi playing something inside the toilet..with half naked body too..haha

Written by: Ken@ssmp

Say Happy Birthday to Elaine Chan

On 6/7/09 was elaine's birthday. We had a simple cake celebration only. The main point is the celebration was at my room. Few of our members came and greeted her. Better show some pictures rather than crapping here....

I wonder what is that red circle on elaine's head. Maybe is her wishes..hahaha..
The thick chocolate cake. If im not mistaken, the remaining 2 pieces were inside the dustbin after 3days.

Anyway..Happy birthday 2009 Elaine..wish u all the best and happy always..

Written by: Ken@ssmp

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Report on Penang trip 04 - 07 june 2009

Since matt alredi fulfill his promise.. now is d time for me to update bout the penang trip reli solely makan.. don even have time to do other stuf.. although this trip juz involve wif 3 siu fella but we kind of enjoy with d trip.. as following are the detail of d trip..

Day 1 04-06-09 11:00pm - 05-06-09 3:00am
ppl who involve: Tong (d stranger fr KL), Ahyi (Pg kia aka our tour guide, driver, oragnizer, sponsor on accomodation n bla bla bla....)
Venue: Fr Pudu, KL to Parit Buntar, Perak (now i ony realize parit buntar is in perak)

on day 1..afta i work n settle my stuf.. i started my journey to PG depart fr KL on 11:00pm... On this trip i had alot 1st time experience such as 1st time walk alone fr pasar seni go tru n jalan jalan petaling street to Pudu station in such hour... 1st time take long journey bus alone (kind of noob don even noe where to get up d bus lol...) , 1st time go Parit Buntar don even noe tat place is in PErak.. wakakaka...

d bus tic to parit buntar

Afta 4 hrs of journey i finally had reach Parit buntar n wait for ahyi to fetch me bak home (Nibong tebal) to slep... Here end my 1st day..

Day 2 05-06-09 8:00am - 1:00am (06-06-09)
Ppl who invole: Me, Ahyi, n Matt (Kulim Kia)
Places v visited: Matt hse, Kulim town, Bukit mertajam, Cherok tokun, n round n round in Bkt mertajam..

1st station: Matt hse plus Kulim town.. on 8:00am v depart fr ahyi hse Nibong tebal to matt hse.. den he treat us makan curry kon low mee.. which tat mee feed up matt since he was born feed up fr baby matt til become big matt.. lol.. too bad v din manage to snap any pic on it.. afta makan curry mee matt start describing bout Kulim town n stuff.. n even bring us to his old sch..

2nd station: Cherok Tokun
Cherok Tokun is d place tat for ppl to jog n hike (according to them tat team named 4H all is apek) lol... is a damm nice place..

3rd station: BM yam rice
ahyi said this yam rice is best of d best..
u sumore can order to add soup for free.. hehe..

4th station: sumwhr in d middle of small road.. dunno whr..
THis shop famous in steam fish, fried popia, fried taofu, and spring chicken...but v 3 fella happy go order lik for 5 fella de food.. eat til wan vomit..

Steam fish.. dunno wat fish lai de.. simply order
Fried popiaFried Taofu

emm.. due to v din hv pro camera.. therefore v din snap much pic..

5th station: lepaking around Bukit mertajam..
Ahyi tell us how he pass his free time during schooling in Jit Sin.. plus.. alot alot secret .. hehe.. can be tell out in here.. lol.. in between v did makan alot desert n den go CC...

6th station: Khuntai
A wonderful place.... nice seting.. with lots chun chicks as well.. rit rit.. lol.. but d tomyam.. once u eat.. u will noe wat is call real tomyam.. lol..

Wonderful tomyam, steam lala, otak-otak (which they say slimy slimy look lik sh**t), dunno wat chicken plus Kerabu..
D 1 n only pic tat v 3 snap together..

Afta makan all d stuf.. here v call d end of d day..

Day 3 06-06-09 10:00am - 07-06-09 12:00am
Ppl who invole: Me, Ahyi, n Matt (Kulim Kia)
Places v visited: Penang island, Bkt Bendera, Pulau tikus, Gurney plaza, Jetty, Bkt Mertajam

1st station: Ferry Jetty
This is d 1st time i take ferry to penang island.. i noe i noe.. everyone wan laugh me noob.. wakaka.. even ahyi said v purposely suffer for bout 2hrs jam juz for noob tong to experience ferry to pg island.. lol..
d only one pic snap fr ferry

2nd Station: Pulau tikus
Afta ferry reach island.. d 1st place v head to is pulau tikus.. matt say they goin bring me to d siam laksa.. which not every pg ppl got eat b4.. plus.. tat laksa is best of d best of d best among those laksas.. lol..

siam laksa which full of fish meat.. d soup is thick enuf.. 1 one to describe.. NICE!...

3th station: Bkt Mertajam
Lol.. 3 guys go Bkt mertajam at nit n see other couples pat tor-ing there.. lol.. but great experience to go up bkt mertajam during nit time.. nice view... unfortunately.. v din hv pro de camera..
Big Canon.. lol.. ahyi get frighten.. lol
Hardly to get to snap pic wif Matt.. lol

4th Station: Bkt Mertajam
Afta lepaking in Bkt bendera.. time reli flies.. v had reach down there bout 11:00pm.. den v head straight to BM to have d famous Duck egg fried koay teow.. d juicy duck egg with spilled egg yolk.. plus d koay teow is wet enuf with oil.. which can say.. fat enuf nice mouth feel.... lol..

Duck egg fried koay teow

Afta makan koy teow.. v send matt bak home.. unfortunately v din manage to drink d susu which near to ahyi hse.. (actually in between v went lots of places but due to no pic)

Day 4
D last day of d trip.. time reli flies fast.. on this day v all are exhausted v did nth much visitation on tat day.. afta have a breakie in nibong tebal.. With these v call it as d end of d trip..


W.S Tong

Siu to Malacca

Day 1

This is my very first post here. First of all I would like to apologize to Kean for this late post as I had promised him earlier before this. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I was unable to fulfill my promise but late is better than never right? :P Time really flies...6 months had passed..wth but within this 6 months we had been to places around Malaysia. I would like to share our experiences in Malacca on the 1st of May 2009. We started our journey at 10 am +++ from seremban and we reached Malacca around 12noon ++.

Our first stop was Chung Wah Chicken Rice Shop. We queued up for sometime before we could enjoy the hainanese chicken rice ball. (Personally, I think it's just ordinary but anyway it's a new thing to me..lol) This is our hainanese chicken rice ball. To you guys out there who have not try this, give a try then.

After lunch, we visited the historical buildings around the city of Malacca. We took lots of pictures around.

Group picture of the girls (the one in the middle was in the wrong group)

Some building painted red :P

Too "flowery" XD

A Famosa Fort

After been walking around for the whole day, it was time for dinner. We had our dinner at Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup at Jalan Ong Kim Wee (it took us awhile to find this place :P) OMG when we reached there, there were so many people in front of the shop. Everyone was waiting to grab the seat like vultures waiting for the prey to die lolx. But we manage to get a table after waiting for sometime. OMG the satay celup was the best food I ever had in Malacca. The sauce was superb and the price was reasonable.

We went to Jonker Walk after dinner for the night market. Lots of things to buy and eat. But SOMEONE did not manage to get her bag there (T.T) lolx (not sure what will happen to me for posting this here). Well....we also missed to try out the cendol on that night because they ran out of ice blocks...gosh so disappointed.

Nights in Malacca were simply gorgeous. Buildings and trishaws decorated with colourful lights. We intended to go for a boat ride on Malacca River but it was very disappointing when the TAXI DRIVERS in Malacca PURPOSELY gave us the longer direction to the enterance for the boat ride. They were so inconsiderate and cruel. CURSE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$@#%$@$%$@

Malacca River

The deco lights


Our first day ended as we headed back to our service apartment beside Station 3 (after dim sum supper :P)

Day 2

Our second day started with breakie at some coffee shop (sorry guys, I could not recall the name of this shop)

The next stop was the Taming Sari Tower. Breath-taking views from the top of the tower and we never missed the chance to take some pictures up there.

After visiting the Taming Sari Tower, we visited the ship museum and a few more places around the city of Malacca.
We finally get to taste Malacca cendol. Although this was not the best but at least we tasted gula melaka cendol, durian cendol and some dodol if I'm not mistaken.

The journey continued with the search for Baba Nyonya restaurant but it was disappointing when we found the restaurant had close after lunch hours. So we had to have our lunch at some hawker centre. The foods there were quite alright only and nothing special. After lunch we headed back to Jonker Walk to grab some pineapple tarts before heading back to Seremban.
On our way back, we stopped by at Dataran Sejarah to take some pictures before continuing our journey back.

I apologize for short details and descriptions on the events on this post but let the pictures do their work in this post. "A picture speaks a thousand words"

Signing off,