Friday, November 13, 2009

A tip on how u not being left out

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here am I again to kindly remind and provide you guys the steps to ensure you all still keep yourself active in this blog.

Please follow the instructions below,

1. Key in the username = and password (ask from me)
2. If you guys intend to drop some comments for the posts, please sign in with your own google account before doing so. If you do not have it, please do make one or else you will never have a chance to leave comment here.
3. If you guys really have no idea how to do so then just drop messages in the chatbox. I will tell you step by step.
4. The blog is opened for all our members to post any stuffs here. So, just keep it active ya.

I will delete this post once you guys have the idea how to use it. Thanks.
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