Saturday, April 25, 2009


Dine in Zanmai is great to me and Yan. When we stepped in the place, we noticed there are plenty of Japanese waitress serving customers. Great..and nice environment to me too. Let me show you all bout what we have eaten.

This is what Yan ordered. I have forgotten the exact name..something like salmon pasta. Extremely fresh salmon with cabonera sauce. Yum..Yum...Matthew please hold your saliva!!hahaha...This dish costs RM23.

This unagi set was my meal on that day. It came along with unagi rice, salad, and the soup. The whole set is around RM19. The juicy unagi really taste good with the so called 'hot spring egg'. WOW...the egg was nice too.

The total bill came out RM51 included tax and service charge. Next time try other else..

Written by KEN@siussmp..

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here this is my recommendation for japanese restaurant which is located in Sunway Pyramid~its under ZEN group~its much cheaper than ZEN and yet they remain the freshness of their ingredient~trust me`its worth of your money~i writting this in a nick of time~but u wont regret trying this if u have budget~

sukiyaki beef slice

japanese shabu shabu
soup is so sweet and bet u will finish till the last drop~

ah ha! i strongly recommend this~!
appetizzer~squid with wasabi
the tenderness of this squid !oush~tempted me

soft shell crab roll~crunchy

juicy beef~~~

Salmon~!!! its so thick and fresh
believe me, u wont want to stop eating this

Tuna and Salmon

ah ha! this is the set which cause RM 35 only
Its worth!

unagi rice~the unagi sauce smell nice
sumptuous is the only word i can think of~

mummy favourite~~fresh yet cheap

written by cHeRyL@SiuSSMP

Kulim Eat Fish lor~`

this is the place~in Kulim~
i cant describe how to go~its inside dusun~
45mins from kulim tol~so just call them and ask for direction
but they close at 7pm bcoz there is no electric supply and its v dark during the night time
unless u wanna have a romantic dinner~:P

sambil makan sambil tengok sunset

this is sweet and sour fish~
teow chew style steam fish

田鸡 with dry chillies
tenderness ~thumb up

goreng fish~crunchy

so u see how fresh are the fishes?

written by cHeRyL@SiuSSMP

马六甲吃透透 part 4

内脏内脏!!! 猪肠,猪肚,鱿鱼satay! 烤后热热,好吃!
马六甲风味蚝煎, 不好吃,面粉和蛋黏在一起,蚝又小,吃遍西马的蚝煎, 还是
马六甲出名的otak otak, 香香的鱼味, 辣辣的, 让我吃的不能停

written by cHeRyL@SiuSSMP

马六甲吃透透 part 3

黄梨cookies, 出炉时热热,很好吃,但是不够甜
我的挚爱, 芋头糕,跟sambal 一起吃,好料!
芋头罗卜糕,跟sambal 一起吃,一流!
written by cHeRyL@SiuSSMP

马六甲吃透透part 2

榴莲cendol, 很甜,很香,不同的是放了gula melaka.
芒果ais kacang , 又是甜甜的gula melaka!!!
有nyonya asam laksa, 也有baba laksa,
来不及拍照, 食物已经在肚子里了 :P
呢!看到那锅黑黑的,就是香香的gula melaka, 想起都流口水~

written by cHeRyL@SiuSSMP

马六甲吃透透 part 1

排长龙阿!!!排了整半个钟 ~~~

我的最爱!! 鸡的内脏~~很好吃~ 虽然白辗鸡没什么特别,但是就
是多了那份麻油香味,鸡肉也很嫩,吃起来有口感,不错!我会到回来吃的 ~
鸡粒饭出场了!饭团QQ 的, 黏黏的,好吃!

店里多了古老的味道, 还好有冷气,坐在里面吃蛮舒服的

written by cHeRyL@SiuSSMP

Monday, April 13, 2009

Suggestion Please..

Dear members,

i) Logo
I have been thinking of any logos suitable to symbolize us (please dun suggest aeroplane). Any logo which is nice from web or even from your own creation are appreciated.

ii) Group name
We stick with our own SIU name but instead of just SIU, is it sounds better if we can think of words stand for S...I...and U. That should be much better to listen probably.

I would like to have a group photo which is more formal and consider 'yeng' on some day we are free. Probably after back to Sabah. Keep in touch guys..



Ya.I'm the first to write something on this blog. Welcome everyone!!!
Today i came across one word which is 'Pneumatics'..
I have no idea at all about it until my Maintenance Manager conducted a briefing about it.
He is damn expert in it (Just got to know he had his Master Degree in Germany) he? What ever came out from his mouth is totally Machinery stuffs.
That sounds interesting to me since i am a purely food science student.

Let gives you guys a clear picture bout the word 'Pneumatics'

Pneumatics is the use of passurized gas to affect mechanical motion.

That is the basic definition about 'Pneumatics'. Basically it is a power used in industries by compressing air or inert gas to activate the machines. Those things probably easy for engineering students but to me, it is a new thing.

Here is the link if you guys wish to look in details of it: